RileySENTINEL Country Risk Report: Brazil

RileySENTINEL Country Risk Report: Brazil

7 de Setembro 2021 - Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Last Update: June 6, 2023

Assessed Risk Level: Moderate

SEO Description: In-depth analysis of Brazil's risk factors encompassing security, infrastructure, environment, health, and political context.

Government and Political Context

Endemic corruption in Brazil has been challenged by increased anti-corruption investigations. The country's governance system remains fundamentally stable, despite political turmoil in recent years, and sanctions pose little concern. Brazil is recovering from reputation-shattering corruption scandals and controversial austerity measures intended to stimulate economic growth and investor confidence. The political establishment has been largely undermined by voter discontent, leading to the rise of "outsider" and often populist politicians.

Security Overview

Security threats in Brazil are region-dependent. Cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro exhibit a mix of opportunistic and violent crime, with violent crime presenting a greater risk in impoverished northeastern states. The Amazon region, in contrast, is characterized by infrastructure risks. Concerns exist over radical Islamist sympathizers in the tri-border area, and the country has developed a robust protest culture, especially over political and economic issues.

General Operational Assessment

Travel to and from Brazil via international carriers is considered safe, though the country remains a potential target for cyberattacks due to perceived weak defenses. Outside the Amazon and Pantanal regions, Brazil's road network is extensive, although road quality varies. Basic services, such as water, electricity, and fuel, are generally reliable in urban and many rural areas, excluding the Amazon and Pantanal.

Environmental Hazards

Brazil's varied geography results in an immensely diverse climate. The country's extractive industries and deforestation for agriculture pose environmental risks. Natural disasters typically involve floods, flash floods, landslides, and droughts. Powerful storms are more common in the southeast, and heavy rainfall can occur nationwide. Earthquakes are rare, except in the far west. Rainy and drought seasons differ by region.

Health and Medical Considerations

Brazil faces major epidemiological concerns, including mosquito-borne diseases like yellow fever and COVID-19. High-quality medical facilities are available in all major cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia. Rural areas generally have lesser facilities, with medication availability varying in less populated areas. Drinking tap water is typically not recommended unless stated otherwise.

Brazil, the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas, serves as a key economy in South America and Latin America at large. It achieved significant economic growth during the commodities supercycle, hosting global events such as the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Brazil boasts developed agricultural and service sectors, along with some industry. However, recent years have been marked by corruption scandals, political crises, and economic stagnation, dampening the national optimism once prevalent. Despite these challenges, basic services remain largely reliable throughout the country.

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