RileySENTINEL Country Risk Report: Philippines

RileySENTINEL Country Risk Report: Philippines

Photo by iSawRed / Unsplash

Last Update: June 6, 2023

Assessed Risk Level: Moderate

Government and Political Context

The Philippines, a developing country in Southeast Asia, has shown improved political stability and public trust in institutions due to anti-corruption efforts. The economic performance remains strong, thanks to remittances from overseas Filipinos. Despite progress, the nation faces human rights concerns, political patronage, and limited inclusive growth. President Bongbong Marcos, elected in 2022, maintains political stability despite instances of election-period violence and persistent corruption.

Security Overview

Crime, particularly petty and opportunistic, is the main threat to foreigners in the Philippines. Conflict and terrorism risks exist, primarily in areas beyond the National Capital Region. The Mindanao region faces significant insurgent threats, although the 2019 plebiscite granting enhanced autonomy might reduce extremist appeal. Strike actions and protests could escalate into violence, potentially paralyzing targeted sectors.

General Operational Assessment

The Philippines boasts safe air travel but faces security concerns at major airports like Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Rural areas may experience limited electricity and mobile communications, while the country's internet speed lags behind regional counterparts. The government is working on enhancing cyber defenses in response to cybercrime threats.

Environmental Hazards

The Philippines is prone to typhoons during June-November, and heavy rains throughout the year. Threats of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are prevalent in several provinces, with inadequate disaster preparedness heightening risks of casualties and destruction.

Health and Medical Considerations

Mosquito-borne diseases are common, and high-quality medical care is primarily found in Metro Manila. Healthcare is generally scarce in rural areas, and while medications are available across hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, their cost and availability can be challenging in non-urban locations.

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